Black Friday Deals and Sales 2017

Black Friday Deals for 2017 Featured Image

Black Friday is one of the great ways to save a lot on your favorite shopping. This is the time when you can gather all your Christmas and New Year gifts and items at once. This year, it will probably come on 24th or 25th of November. So, you should do a bit research on Black Friday Deals for 2017, Where you can make great savings.

It was previously a custom in North America, and now most of the countries celebrate it as one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Not only it includes discount on online stores, but also in physical stores as well.

So What basically is Black Friday?

Black Friday is mainly a Sales Event that occurs in the End of November or the day after thanksgiving day in USA. But, now the retailers from UK have also come on-board for making a good amount of sales. Actually, Black Friday sales event is mainly held in UK by the technology based in California known as giant Apple since 2007, by providing huge discounts in physical and online stores.

Also, one of the Biggest online store, Amazon, started to offer the Black Friday discounts and offers from 2010.

So, that is why it has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Why is it called Black Friday?

The term was introduced by American police officials when there was a terrible traffic jam for the Christmas shopping just after ThanksGiving Day.

It is also said as the day when shopkeepers/retailers make a huge profit and go into the black. The crofts of the company is marked in Black by the accountants and the losses are marked red.

Apart from the several reasons, it has become a firm part of the calendar for shopping in a past few years.

Which retailers take part?

The ASDA supermarket was not there in the Black Friday sales of 2015 and didn’t take part in 2016 as well, so they probably may not be there in Black Friday Sales 2017 as well.

Apple Inc. did not take part in the sales in 2015 but, was there in 2016.

Some of the popular online and physical stores who usually offer deals on Black Friday are Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Walmart, Best-Buy etc.

How much you can save or is it really worthy?

People usually think that they need to wait for the sale to save a lot of money. But, during a research and survey by consumer watchdog, it was found that almost half of the offers and deals in 2015 were actually cheaper in the normal months before the shopping bonanza.

Actually, the popular categories like deals on tech gadgets, home appliances etc. were tracked on popular online stores for 3 months before and 2 months after Black Friday last year. And therefore, the results clearly told that only half of the products were cheap on the day of actual sale.